The Coalition for Clean Energy and Healthy Communities, launched in June 2020, is composed of a diverse group of dozens of organizations representing environmental stewardship, public lands and wildlife protection, environmental justice, health, and faith. Our coalition believes that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy community powered by clean energy. 


As Congress considers future recovery and stimulus legislation, getting relief to families and workers should be its first priority, but we also need to build for the future.  Any Corona Virus stimulus or recovery package needs to reduce pollution, protect public health, correct inequities linked to environmental injustice and health disparities, invest in clean energy and conservation efforts to retain and create jobs, and address the climate crisis.  Finally, taxpayer-funded relief and recovery should invest in families and workers most impacted by the pandemic and economic recession and not in fossil fuel bailouts.


We must support American workers by ensuring all projects built with federal funding are subject to anti-discrimination rules, domestic content and prevailing wage requirements. Policies should also support utilization of project labor agreements, prioritize hiring workers in the communities where projects are built, support inclusion for Black and POC owned firms and other pro-worker practices.

Our policy demands are centered on creating economic opportunity for all, building stronger, safer and healthier communities, cutting pollution, and tackling major health and economic challenges like the Corona Virus and climate change. Read more about our plan for Clean Energy and Healthy Communities. 

Read our letter to Congress here.

Investment in clean energy will help reduce the pollution impact on frontline communities that led to severe health impacts before the current public health and economic crisis, higher mortality rates during the pandemic, and could increase the severity of future pandemics. Additionally, securing an inclusive clean energy economy for the future can ensure jobs in frontline and other communities. 

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During the pandemic and beyond we must improve building efficiency to lower utility bills for families, small businesses and communities, while reducing emissions and local air pollution and ensuring that everyone has access to adequate and affordable heating and cooling.


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Transportation investments and policy solutions must work towards reducing pollution and providing affordable and accessible transit options for all communities—these solutions should provide greater mobility options for transit, move toward transportation electrification for people and goods, and build resilient infrastructure that can withstand more extreme weather and other climate impacts.

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It is time to invest in building healthy, safe and more resilient communities, particularly frontline, vulnerable, Indigenous and communities of color that have suffered from disinvestment and racial and economic injustice, and been disproportionately affected by high concentrations of pollution for too long.

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We need immediate action to ensure all individuals and families have access to clean water. We must also consider significant, long-term investments in our water programs and systems across the country to finally eliminate water inequities, spur economic recovery and growth, and build strong, resilient communities.


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Land and water restoration will improve biodiversity for overall ecosystem health, reduce flood and other climate change risks, and should ease the pollution burden on communities, while related infrastructure projects will get people back to work.

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